Recorded April 6, 2022

Means Test Calculations
Revised means test numbers are effective April 1, 2022. Discover how Best Case simplifies the Means Test with built-in calculators and tools to streamline data entry.
Learn how to:

  • Automate the calculation of CMI/DMI to determine presumption of abuse
  • Utilize the paycheck calculator to populate income on Form 122 and Schedule I
  • Complete the twelve means test tabs if a debtor’s income is above the median

Recorded March 24, 2021

Tech Talk – Learn answers to frequently asked technical support questions:

  • How do I update? How often should I update?
  • Update failed; what do I do now?
  • I can’t update even though all users are out of Best Case, what do I do?
  • I updated and can’t see my clients, now what?
  • How do I backup my clients?
  • How do I move a BC install to a new computer?
  • Can I use Best Case with Dropbox?
  • How do I email a client file? / How do I restore a client that was emailed?
  • How do I copy a client?
  • Is there a way to email a proof of my petition to my clients?
  • Do you have a client questionnaire I can print out and had to my clients?
  • Where do I enter EIN info?
  • Is there a way to link multiple properties to a creditor?
  • How do I get addresses to appear on certificate of service?
  • Is there a way to manually edit a form?
  • Does BC have spell check?
  • How do I attach multiple income and expense worksheets to Sch I or J?
  • Why isn’t my Schedule I data appearing in Form 122 and vice versa?
  • I can’t edit any income data in the Means Test, why not?
  • Form 122 told me I was $XX over abuse. I put in an amount greater than $xx and I’m still over abuse.
  • Only half of my means test is completed. Why?
  • How do I calculate the 13 plan?
  • I calculated the 13 plan and the monthly payment is really high. Why?
  • How do I change the trustee’s percentage on the 13 plan?
  • What classification should I select on the 13 plan?

View upcoming and declined payments for a specified date range. Compare total payments for the last 12 months. Generate reports based on payment status. Reprocess failed payments.

Recorded October 23, 2019

Let Us Do the Math – Form 122 and Schedule I Income Calculations

Learn how to:

  • Use the Paycheck Calculator and Fast-Entry Paycheck Template to determine income
  • Calculate Form 122 data using year-to-date income
  • Perform a median income comparison without creating a client file using the online calculator

Recorded September 21, 2016

What’s Trending: Explore the Paycheck Calculator, a new tool to expedite paycheck entry.

Quick Tips: See how to create a fast-entry paycheck template.

Learn how to save data-entry time and keep an accurate account of paycheck income and deductions using the Paycheck Calculator.

Speed up paycheck data-entry by creating templates with a custom set of deductions.


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