Developed specifically for bankruptcy Attorneys, Credit and Financial Reports offer merged data from the three primary credit-reporting bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. These reports provide Attorneys with a wide breadth of financial and asset information. The Credit Report provides the most pertinent client and creditor information for preparing bankruptcy cases, including judgments and liens, medical collection liabilities, and bankruptcy-specific addresses to ensure delivery of notices. In addition to data contained in the Credit Report, the Financial Report is comprised of an in-depth asset analysis that includes detailed property information, vehicle registrations, UCC filings, and related work history.

Recorded January 17, 2023

Integrated Solutions and Services
Please join us for a tour of ancillary products and services available through the Best Case by Stretto desktop platform to streamline your case management and petition preparation workflows.

  • MyCaseInfo – Execute the client-intake process via an online questionnaire, eliminating the need for an in-office meeting.
  • Credit Reports – Gain an in-depth view of a debtor’s financial history in one consolidated report and import data directly into forms and schedules, saving an average of 60 minutes of data entry per case.
  • Bankruptcy Courses – Simplify bankruptcy-course management and help clients complete court requirements.
  • Court Notices & Calendar – Simplify the CM/ECF process by automatically downloading PACER free looks, auto-populating and syncing bankruptcy events to personal calendars, and easily tracking Proofs of Claim.
  • Legal Noticing – Leverage Stretto’s on-demand, print-mail options to decrease operational costs and increase productivity.
  • Stretto Default Solutions – Utilize the Stretto DMM Portal to facilitate mortgage loan modification, student loan adversaries, and student loan management.

Recorded May 20, 2020

Remote client intake with MyCaseInfo®, a secure web-based questionnaire

Learn how to:

  • Execute the client-intake process online, eliminating an in-office meeting
  • Customize an online questionnaire and invite clients to submit information
  • Preview and import client-entered data into Best Case by Stretto
  • Prompt prospective clients to initiate the bankruptcy process with a form on your website

Recorded April 22nd, 2020

Data Integration – Streamline the data entry process with integrated workflow tools

Learn how to:
• Order Credit and Financial Reports, bankruptcy courses, tax transcripts and more
• Import report data into creditor and asset schedules
• Collect data from the debtor with an online questionnaire

Recorded October 25, 2017

Explore Bankruptcy Packets and learn how Best Case can help streamline the process with checklists, course instructions and more!

Learn how to manage clients from the MyCaseInfo® attorney administration portal.

Learn how to send out and customize a MyCaseInfo® client invitation.

Take a tour through the screens and features of the MyCaseInfo® client questionnaire.

Learn how to add users, customize firm preferences and update billing information from the account management page.

MyCaseInfo is a secure, web-based client questionnaire created to integrate with Best Case Bankruptcy for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. It allows you to invite clients to answer bankruptcy related questions and upload documents online and with a click of a button populate the client entered data into a new or existing client in Best Case Bankruptcy, saving your firm hours of data entry.